IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Workspaces for ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications

As part of the IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager Agent for WebSphere Applications product's integration with the Tivoli Enterprise Portal, workspaces offer views of monitoring data that provide detailed current data about the Version 6 and 7 WebSphere application servers running on your site's Linux, UNIX, and Windows and z/OS platforms. In addition to reports and graphs, a workspace can contain other views (that is, windows), such as a Notepad editor session, a browser session, a telnet session, an event console, or a Take Action view from which you can issue commands.

Several views of high-level information

Several workspaces provide high-level information to help you meet your site's monitoring and administrative needs. These workspaces report current status and availability for both the WebSphere administrative server and its application server instances. They let you monitor the availability of the enterprise, the WAS, and application server instances.

Primary and secondary workspaces

The workspaces listed in the Navigator are directly accessible and are thus termed primary workspaces. Some of these also contain secondary workspaces, which are not accessible directly from the Navigator. Instead select and display the primary workspace, then use either a menu option or a special link icon in the primary workspace's views to reach the secondary workspaces (sometimes called subsidiary workspaces).

Workspaces with historical data links

Several workspaces provide secondary workspaces that display historical data. You can specify a time span over which to collect historical data, which accumulates and summarizes the data in the primary workspaces that generate them. (The default setting is 15 minutes; you can modify this setting to suit your needs.) The descriptions of the historical workspaces follow the descriptions of the primary workspaces that generate them in the workspace helps.

Available Tivoli Enterprise Portal workspaces

  1. Organization
  2. Summary workspaces
  3. Summary Workspace Views
  4. WebSphere Agent Summary workspace
  5. WebSphere Agent Summary Status workspace
  6. Application Server Summary workspace
  7. Resources and Applications workspaces
  8. Situation Mapping and Summary Workspaces
  9. Summary Workspaces error messages
  10. Configuration workspaces
  11. Workspace link to Managing Server Visualization Engine
  12. Alarm Manager workspace
  13. Allocation Failures workspace
  14. Selected Application - Application Trend at L1 workspace
  15. Selected Application - Application Trend at L2/L3 workspace
  16. Application Health workspace
  17. Application Registry workspace
  18. Cache Analysis workspace
  19. Client Communications workspace
  20. Container Object Pools workspace
  21. Container Transactions workspace
  22. Data sources workspace
  23. DB Connection Pools workspace
  24. DCS Stacks workspace
  25. Destinations workspace
  26. Durable Subscriptions workspace
  27. EJB Containers workspace
  28. Enterprise Java Beans workspace
  29. Garbage Collections - Selected Allocation Failure workspace
  30. Garbage Collection Analysis workspace
  31. High Availability Manager workspace
  32. IMAP/POP workspace
  33. J2C Connection Pools workspace
  34. JMS Summary workspace
  35. JVM Stack Trend workspace
  36. Log Analysis workspace
  37. Lotus Workplace Server workspace
  38. Messages Queues workspace
  39. Messaging Engine Communications workspace
  40. Messaging Engines workspace
  41. OS Stack workspace
  42. Pool Analysis workspace
  43. Portal Pages Summary workspace
  44. Portal Summary workspace
  45. Portlet Summary workspace
  46. Request Analysis workspace
  47. Request Baseline workspace
  48. EJB Tier Analysis workspace
  49. Application Configuration workspace
  50. Backend Tier Analysis workspace
  51. Application Health History workspace
  52. Web Tier Analysis workspace
  53. Selected Datasources - Datasource Trend workspace
  54. Selected Request - Data sources workspace
  55. Selected Request - JMS Queues workspace
  56. Selected Request - Portal Processing workspace
  57. Selected Request - Resource Adapters workspace
  58. Service Component Elements workspace
  59. Service Components workspace
  60. Servlets/JSPs - Selected Enterprise Application workspace
  61. Scheduler workspace
  62. Sessions workspace
  63. Thread Pools workspace
  64. Thread Pool Trend workspace
  65. Web Applications workspace
  66. Web Services workspace
  67. WebSphere Agent workspace
  68. WAS workspace
  69. WebSphere ESB Server workspace
  70. WebSphere Portal Server workspace
  71. WebSphere Process Server workspace
  72. WMQ Client Link Communications workspace
  73. WMQ Link Communications workspace
  74. Workload Management workspace
  75. Workplace Mail workspace
  76. Region workspaces in a z/OS environment

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