IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Thread Pools workspace

This workspace reports information about the various thread pools that support the applications running in your Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

This workspace displays data provided by the Thread Pools attributes.

The predefined workspace contains the following items:

Access the Thread Pools workspace

Within the Navigator...

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Access the Managing Server Visualization Engine from the Thread Pools workspace

In The Tivoli Enterprise Portal access the Thread Pools workspace. You can use the Diagnostic Server Activity Display link to access the Managing Server Visualization Engine. For information about access requirements see Prerequisites for access.

  1. In the Thread Pools window, right click the choose link icon then click Diagnostic JVM Thread Display.

  2. If this is your first time to access the Managing Server Visualization Engine during a session, you see a Welcome to the Application Monitor page.

  3. Depending on the user setup configuration in your environment you may or may not have to type your Managing Server Visualization Engine User Name and Password. If you do, you only need to log in using your User Name and Password once per session.

  4. Click OK to display the Diagnostic JVM Thread Display page in the Managing Server Visualization engine. You can use link to diagnose application problems, for example, slow transactions or high response times.

  5. The results relate directly to the context from where you launched the link in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. For more information about using the Diagnostic JVM Thread Display page and additional features, refer to the Composite Application Manager help within the Managing Server Visualization Engine Interface.

  6. To return to the previous workspace in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal interface at any time choose from the following options:

    • from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal desktop client, click the back arrow on your web browser.

    • from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal browser client, click the browser back arrow.

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