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Summary workspaces

You can use summary workspaces to quickly see the status of WebSphere application servers and applications in the enterprise.

About Summary Workspaces

Summary workspaces provide a way to quickly monitor the status of application servers and applications. ITCAM for Application Diagnosticsprovides predefined situations that you can use to monitor WebSphere application servers in the enterprise. Summary workspaces enable you to quickly determine the status of these situations. User-dedined and predefined situations are mapped to various colored icons in the summary workspaces. The icon color indicates status which enables you to quickly determine the overall health of applications servers and applications. The following organization chart shows the structure of the icons in the summary workspaces:

Summary Workspace Icons

In summary workspaces, each icon displays as one of the following statuses: Critical, Warning, Normal, or Unknown. The status is calculated based on the status of the underlying situations being monitored. Each icon also displays the metrics for the first two situations shown on the flyover. The following table shows the possible status of icons:

Status Icons

Status Icon Status
Unknown or Application Stopped

Summary Workspace Flyovers

The icons indicate the status of the WebSphere application servers and applications in the enterprise. To access more detailed information from the summary workspaces, point to the icon and a flyover is displayed. The flyover provides relevant metrics pertaining to the icon. Also, it shows the top 10 situations that are linked with the icon. You can go directly to the situation event result workspace by clicking the situation link icon in the flyover.

Drill Down on Summary Workspaces

You can drill down on the icons to see further information. When you double-click an icon, further workspace views showing more detailed monitoring data are displayed. See also
Situations for ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications

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