IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Situation Mapping and Summary Workspaces

User-defined situations are mapped to icons in summary workspaces. When you create a new situation, if the situation then triggers an alert, detail of the situation is displayed in one of the summary workspaces icon flyovers.

When you create a situation, the attribute group you base the situation on determines which summary workspace icon flyover the situation will display in. The following table shows which attribute groups map to which icons and predefined situations :

TEMA Attribute Group Name Icons Predefined Situations
Applications Monitoring Configuration N/A WASAppDiscovered
Requests Monitoring Configuration N/A  
Baseline N/A  
Applications Health Status Applications WASApplicationBad, WASApplicationFair, WASApplicationGood
Applications Server Status JVM  
Log Analysis JVM WASError
KYN Command N/A  
WebSphere Agent Events N/A  
DC Messages WebSphere JVM  
Dynamic Cache Services  
Dynamic Cache Templates Services  
Workload Management Client Services  
Workload Management Server Services  
DB Connection Pools Datasources WASDBConnectionPoolThrdTimeout WASDBConnectionPoolUsageMaxed WASDBConPAverageUsageTimeHigh WASDBConPAvgWaitTimeHigh
Container Object Pools Threadpools  
Enterprise Java beans Applications WASEJBCreateTimeHigh WASEJBMethodResponseTimeHigh WASEJBRemoveTimeHigh
Web Applications Applications WASWebApplicationError
Web Applications - Sessions Applications WASSrvlSessAvgActiveSessionHigh WASSrvlSessExtReadTimeHigh WASSrvlSessExtWriteTimeHigh
Applications Server JVM, OS WASHighCPUPercentUsed
EJB Containers Applications  
Servlets JSPs Applications WASServletsJSPError
Servlet Sessions Applications  
Thread Pools Threadpools WASThreadPoolPercentMaxed WASThreadFreeLow
Container Transactions Datasources WASContainerTransactionRollback WASCTGlbTransDurationHigh WASCTLclTransDurationHigh
J2C Connection Pools Datasources WASJ2CConnectionPoolUsageMaxed WASJ2CCPAverageUsageTimeHigh WASJ2CCPAvgWaitTimeHigh
DCS Stack    
High Availability Manager    
Web Services Gateway    
Web Services    
Alarm Manager    
Scheduler Services  
Client Communications Services  
Durable Subscriptions Services  
Messaging Engine Communications Services  
Messaging Engines Services  
Queue Services  
Service Component Elements Services  
Service Components Services  
Topic Spaces Services  
WMQ Client Link Communications Services  
WMQ Link Communications Services  
Workplace Mail Service Datasources  
Workplace Mail Queues Datasources  
Workplace Mail IMAP/POP Services  
Portal Summary Services  
Portal Page Summary Services WASPortalPageResponseTime
Portlet Summary Services WASPortletResponseTime
Datasources Services WASDataSrcConWaitTimeHigh
Request Times and Rates Applications WASHighResponseTime
Request Analysis Applications WASReqSQLExecuteTimePercentHigh WASReqSQLQueryTimePercentHigh WASReqSQLUpdateTimePercentHigh
JMS Summary Datasources  
Selected Request Applications  
Garbage Collection Analysis JVM



Allocation Failure JVM WASOutofHeapSpace
Garbage Collection Cycle JVM  
WebSphere Agent   WASNotConnected
WebSphere App Server   WASHighCPUPercentUsed WASHighResponseTime

Where NA is indicated for the icon, it means that situations created based on these attribute groups are not reported in the summary workspaces. This is because these tables are strictly related to TEMA configuration parameters which do not reflect the application or application server health.

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