IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Request Baseline workspace

Aggregated information about the request baseline.

The baselining collects statistical information about an application requests completion times and uses this information to assign fair and bad thresholds on the application requests. The product divides the whole request response times into buckets and collects individual hits into each bucket. Use these attributes to get statistics from individual requests collected during baselining interval.

This workspace displays data provided by the Baseline attributes.

The predefined workspace contains:

You can use the bar charts to customize automatic request time thresholds.

Access the Request Baseline workspace

Complete the following steps to access this workspace from the Application Registry:

  1. Click Application Configuration report.

  2. Right click the link icon to the left of any row to display a pop-up menu.

  3. Click Request Baseline.

Additional information:

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Workspaces for ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications