IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Situations for ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications

Predefined situations are used for managing widely dispersed WAS resources using localized automation. When these situations trigger an alert, you can investigate the event by opening its workspace.

Situations are tests expressed in IF-TRUE format of system conditions to monitor. The tested value is an attribute expressed in the form...

If the specified condition occurs or exists, the situation is true, and an alert is issued.

Avoid using negative values

If you define situations that use a counter or a range of numbers, always provide a threshold or use values in a positive range of numbers. For example, use a greater-than-or-equal-to-zero expression as shown in some of the following predefined situations. This practice prevents a situation from falsely tripping. The Tivoli Enterprise Management agent interprets undefined attribute values as negative numbers, and will erroneously fire situations.

For the following situations...

...the Application ID column is not supported and always displays -1 by default.

Access the situations

A number of the predefined situations run by default from the WebSphere Agent. For situations that do not run automatically, start these situations manually.

To display all the managed situations available on the server, from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal...

To start, stop edit or model a situation right click the situation and select the option you want.

From the toolbar on the main menu click the Situation Editor icon and scroll to the situation you want to view.


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