Communities overviews, how-tos, and FAQs 

For additional information, review the About page by clicking the About link from the product footer. Click the Question mark icon used in the product to display pop-up help icons displayed in the Communities application to get help on a particular feature or click here to view a demo video.
Getting started

What is a community?

What's new in Communities?

Frequently asked questions in Communities

Starting communities

Create communities

How do I join a community?

Joining communities

Accept community invitations

Use the Recommendations widget in Communities

How do I leave a community?

Follow communities

How do I add community members?

Add members to a community

Inviting people to join a community

Sending batch invitations

Importing members into a community

Accept membership requests

Managing community invitations

Resending community invitations

Revoking community invitations

Managing communities

Edit communities

Create subcommunities

How do I delete a community?

Moderating community content

Staying in touch with your community

How do I send notifications?

Subscribing to a feed

Looking for information?

Browsing or searching for communities

Search within a community

Reviewing your search results

Starting a discussion

Use a discussion forum

Staying informed using bookmarks and feeds

Work with bookmarks

How do I use feeds?

Community roles and membership

What can I do as a community owner?

What can I do as a community member?

Viewing members of a community

Manage community membership

Export community membership

How do I customize my community?

Customize your community

Choosing a theme

What else can I do with my community?

Add widgets to your community

Moving community widgets

Work with community widgets

Add activities to your community

How do I create a community blog?

Sharing community files

Starting a community wiki

Use an Ideation Blog in your community

Add a media gallery to your community

Add a custom library to your community

Using tags

Viewing tags in Communities

Connecting to other applications

Associated applications

Use the Communities business card

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