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Can I join any community?

I just joined a community and am finding lots of useful information. How do I extend membership to my colleagues who might also benefit from membership?

What is the difference between a bookmark and a feed?

Can I create a community forum and make it private?

Is it possible to edit forum posts that another person has added?

How do I archive topics in a community forum?

How can I collaborate with other members of my community?

How do I create different distribution lists within a community?

What is a widget?

Why add widgets to my community?

How do I restrict members from adding content to a community?

How do I unsubscribe from community emails?

How do I keep up-to-date with the latest activity in my community?

How do I find out what communities a person is a member of?

I accidentally clicked the Leave Community button for a community that I own. How do I get reinstated as a community owner?

How do I replace the image used as the logo for my community?

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