Add members to a community 

As a community owner, you can extend your community by adding new members. Adding people to a community automatically makes them members of the community. If you want to give people the option of choosing to become a member, consider inviting them to join your community instead.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to add members to a community. You can only add individuals to a community, you cannot add a group to a community. There is no size limit for a community, you can add as many members as you like.


To add new members to a community...

  1. From the My Communities tab, select the community to which you want to add members.

  2. Click Members in the navigation pane.

  3. Click Add Members.

    • To add regular community members, enter the names of the people that you want to add in the Members field. Type-ahead predicts the name that you are typing by comparing it to names in the directory that your administrator specified. If it proposes the name that you want, click to add it. If you do not see the name that you are looking for, click Person not listed? Use full search to search the company directory for the person.

    • To add community owners, click the Down arrow next to Members and select Owners. Then, enter the names of the people that you want to add in the Owners field.

        Note: Community owners have the ability to edit the community.

  4. Click Save.


The new members receive an email notification informing them that they have been added to the community.

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