Edit communities 

If you are a community owner, you can edit information about the community and the applications associated with the community.

About this task

Edit a community to change its name, description, and associated tags, and update information for any applications that are associated with the community. For example, if your community has a blog, you can edit the blog membership or update basic information about the blog. You can also edit community settings to add an application to the community (if your administrator has enabled it), reset the community's privacy level, or change the image associated with the community.


To edit a community...

  1. From the My Communities tab, select the community that you want to edit.

      If you are not already logged in, you are prompted to do so.

  2. Select Community Actions -> Edit Community and do the following as required:

      Note: If your community has extra applications associated with it, such as a blog or wiki, additional tabs display for these applications to enable you to edit them.

      1. To change the name of the community, type a new name in to the Name field.

      2. To add or remove community tags, edit the contents of the Tags field.

      3. To change the community's web address, update the contents of the Web Address field. You cannot change the web address of a community that has subcommunities.

      4. To change the access level of the community, select one of the following options:

          Note: If you change a community's access level from private to public, any private content, such as shared private files, is removed from the community.

          Table 1. Community access levels



            Anyone can join (Public)

            Select this option if you want the community to be public with anyone able to join.

            People must request to join (Moderated)

            Select this option if you want the community to be public but for users to request membership.

            People must be invited to join (Restricted)

            Select this option if you want the community to be restricted, with membership by invitation only.

      5. To add an associated application, select the required application or applications in the Associated Applications area.

          Note: If you do not see any options to include associated applications, then your administrator has not enabled this application for your deployment.

      6. To change the community description, edit the contents of the Description field.

      7. To change the image associated with the community, click Upload a Community Image and browse for the image that you want to upload.

      8. To apply a different theme to the community, click Change Community Theme and select one of the options available.

  3. When you've finished making changes, click Save.

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