Joining communities 

Join a community that is devoted to a subject that you are interested in and start participating.

Before you begin

To find a community that you want to join, you can browse all the public communities in the organization from the Public Communities tab, or search for a community that is devoted to a particular subject. You can also use suggestions from the Recommendations widget to find communities that might interest you.

You must be logged in to join a community or to request to join a community.

Note: You can join public communities with open access by clicking a button, but request to join public communities that are moderated. Restricted communities are private and they do not display on the Public Communities tab. The only way to join this type of community is when a community owner adds you as a member or invites you to join.


To join a community...

  1. From the Public Communities tab, select the community that you want to join.

  2. Depending on the level of access that the community has, do one of the following:

    • If the community has open access, select Join this Community.

    • If the community has moderated access, select Request to Join this Community. Type your reason for wanting to join the community and click Send. Your request is sent to the community owner, who can then decide whether or not to add you to the community. If they add you as a member, you receive an email notification confirming that you have been added to the community.


When you join a public community, the community is immediately added to the list of your communities on the My Communities tab. When you request to join a moderated community, the community does not display on the My Communities tab until your membership is approved by the community owner.

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