Add widgets to your community 

Add widgets to your community to make extra functionality available to community members. You must be a community owner to add or remove widgets from a community.

Before you begin

The choice of widgets that you can add to a community depends on what your administrator has made available. You can add the following types of widgets to communities:

About this task

Widgets are self-contained, HTML-based representations of software applications. When you add an IBM Connections widget to a community, you create an association between that community and the widget application. Membership between the community and the widget application is synchronized, and links to the full widget application are created in the community's user interface so that you can easily find and work with the full application. A summary of the latest activity is posted on the community's Overview page, and you can access the full application at any time by clicking the corresponding link in the left navigation bar.

When you first create a community, it displays the following widgets by default: Forums, Bookmarks, Files, and Members. You can customize your community by adding extra widgets. For example, adding the Wiki widget gives members access to a wiki where they can share files and collaborate on project documents. Adding the Blog widget lets you create a blog for the community where members can communicate dynamically and stay up-to-date with the latest community news. The content palette displays the full selection of widgets that your administrator has made available for use in communities.


To add a widget to your community...

  1. From the community's Overview page, select Community Actions -> Customize to open the content palette.

      Note: You must be logged in to a community to access the Community Actions menu.

  2. Click a widget to add it to the community.

  3. Optional: Click Close palette in the top right corner to close the palette.


A section containing the widget is added to the main pane of the Overview page, and a link to the full widget application displays in the navigation sidebar.

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