Associated applications 

When you create or edit a community, you can associate different applications with the community, if your administrator has made them available for your deployment.

When your administrator has enabled associated applications for communities, the Start a Community and the Edit a Community forms display an Associated Applications area that lists the options available for your deployment.

For example, the administrator can enable you to associate an IBM Lotus Quickr team place with a community, giving you a central location to store and manage files, and share information with fellow community members. Wikis might be another option available for associating with a community. Wikis provide a place for community owners and members to collaborate easily and quickly with each other.

When you associate an application with a community:

The applications available for associating with a community can include the following:

Table 1. Applications that can be associated with a community

Application Description
Lotus Quickr Depending on your organization's needs, your administrator can enable different types of Lotus Quickr place for association with a community. Options might include the following:

  • Wiki – creates a place where community members can collaborate and create shared content.

  • Blog – allows community members to post comments in a blog and share information with their team.

  • Team space – creates a place where team members can manage different types of content.

  • Library – creates a place for team members to store and manage project documents and files.

The administrator can also make custom place types available for association with a community.

Note: Delete a community does not automatically delete the Lotus Quickr place associated with it. To delete the associated Lotus Quickr place, open the Lotus Quickr application and delete the place from within the application.

Confluence You can add a Confluence wiki to your community to create a place for you and your fellow community members to collaborate and manage community information.
Note: If you delete the community associated with a Confluence wiki, the wiki is automatically deleted.

After you've associated an application with your community, do the following:

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