Manage community membership 

As a community owner, it is your responsibility to manage community membership. For example, you might occasionally need to change the role of a community member if you want to increase or restrict the changes that they can make to community content. Or, if a community member is not an active contributor and no longer needs to be a member of the community, you might want to consider removing them from the membership list.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to edit membership roles. To remove someone from the membership of a community, be the community owner or the member who is being removed.

Note: Community members can remove themselves from a community's membership by selecting Community Actions -> Leave Community when they are logged in to the community.


To manage community membership...

  1. From the My Communities tab, click a community to open its Overview page.

      If you are not already logged in, you are prompted to do so.

  2. Click Members in the navigation pane and do one of the following.

    • To change a membership role:

      • Click Edit next to the member whose role you want to change.

      • Select a role and click Save.

    • To delete a member:

      • Click Remove next to the member that you want to remove.

      • Click OK to confirm your change.


Members receive an email notification to let them know about any change in their membership status.

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