IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Server Activity Display


The MSVE's Server Activity Display page shows a table of request activity on an application server. This page can help you troubleshoot and fix hanging requests and evaluate the current performance of your applications.

To access the Server Display page...

If you have logged in from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal the information about the server group name and server name files is already complete.

Use the Server Display page

  1. User Scenarios
  2. Server Activity Display - active requests
  3. Server Activity Display - recent requests
  4. Server Activity Display - lock contentions
  5. View request detail
  6. Suspend a thread
  7. Activate a thread
  8. Cancel a request
  9. Change a thread's priority
  10. View a Stack Trace
  11. View a Method/Component Trace - flow view
  12. View a request object and session object
  13. Search a Method/Component Trace
  14. E-mailing a PDF file - SAD
  15. View a PDF file - SAD
  16. Export to a file - SAD

Parent topic:

ITCAM for Application Diagnostics - Managing Server Visualization Engine