IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Search a Method/Component Trace

The search allows you to specify any of the columns available in the Flow View (Elapsed Time, CPU Time, Delta Elapsed Time, Delta CPU Time, Event Type or Event Data), together with a numerical threshold (or a string, ) and presents a list of events from the method trace whose metrics cross the threshold (or match the string). The Event Type and Event Data searches are case sensitive.

Search a Method/Component Trace:

  1. From the top navigation,

  2. Select a server from the Server list box. The Server Activity Display (Active Requests) page opens.

  3. Click the link in the Client Request column. The Request Detail page for that request opens.

  4. Click Method/Component Trace from the left navigation pane. The Method/Component Trace (Flow View) page opens. The last executed method displays first in the Method Trace.

  5. Click the Search tab. The Search tab opens.

  6. Enter the search criteria and the search value.

  7. Click Search. The Method Trace page refreshes displaying the method trace that suits your search criteria and value. Clicking the result in the Event Data column opens the Flow View tab to the corresponding line. For example, if the first result in the Search tab is the twentieth method on the Flow View page, then clicking the Event Data link of the first result brings up the Flow View tab starting with the page that includes that twentieth record.

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Server Activity Display

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