IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Cancel a request

If an application request from the system is looping or abusing resources, it might be necessary to cancel the request. This terminates the request by throwing a run-time exception.

Cancel a request:

  1. From the top navigation, click...

      Problem Determination > Server Activity Display

    • Select a group and a server from the list boxes. The Server Activity Display (Active Requests) page opens.

    • Click on the link in the Client Requests' column of the request that is hanging.

      A Request Detail page opens, where click the Cancel Request button.

    • Click Cancel Request. A confirmation box displays.

    • At the confirmation box, click OK. Cancel a thread can cause JVM and application server instability. Use the Cancel Thread function only when absolutely necessary, and with careful consideration of the consequences.

Parent topic:

Server Activity Display

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