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IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Version 6.3 Fix Pack 2

Tivoli Enterprise Portal client

Tivoli Enterprise Portal is one of the user interfaces for the IBM Tivoli Monitoring-based products. In the same way you use your browser's home page as a starting point for navigating the Internet, you use Tivoli Enterprise Portal to get a high level overview of your network environment.

One section of the window displays the Navigator, a tree-like view of your monitored network, from the top level down to individual groupings of information collected by monitoring agents. The rest of the window is filled with views pertinent to the chosen item in the Navigator tree. From the top level or from your home workspace, you can navigate to specific locations to check activity and investigate problems.

This workspace was customized for the select item in the tree. This workspace was designed with a bar chart, two plot charts, and a table that displays a background color for cell values that exceed a certain threshold. You can create and customize additional workspaces for every item in the tree.

The event indicators that display in the tree, or Navigator, are the results of tests, called situations, that run on your monitored systems. When the condition described in the situation is true, a colored icon overlays the affected items in the tree. Use the Situation editor to set up conditional alerts that monitor your environment automatically. Use the Workflow editor to set up policies to automate your environment.

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