IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

User Scenarios

Scenario 1: Troubleshooting an application that hangs.

Several users of application Z have reported that they can't update their user preferences: Application Z times out after a minute of not responding. You look for the application Z requests that have long resident times in the Active Requests tab of the Server Activity Display. View the Request Detail for one of these requests to determine why or where it is hanging.

Scenario 2: Understanding immediate workload.

While performing normal monitoring of your servers, you notice that a server's average response time has recently increased, with no appreciable change in throughput. You begin by looking at the Recent Requests tab of the Server Activity Display to see what the most recently completed requests have been on that server. You can see whether the requests are uniformly slow, or if there is variation among requests; this can help you isolate whether it is a problem with the server (uniformly slow), or with an application (certain requests are slow). You can see whether the slow requests are CPU-heavy, or if they are spending too many moments idle.

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