IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

What's new in the 7.1 release?

A number of components work together to collect, analyze, and present monitoring data in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. These components are:

  1. Ability to monitor WebSphere XD environment
  2. Launch in context from Tivoli Enterprise Portal workspaces into MSVE to examine individual transactions in more detail.
  3. Rephrased data table names in Server Activity Display in MSVE makes them more clear to users
  4. Improved MSVE menus to indicate if data is real-time data or historic data
  5. In MSVE, ability to link from active requests to the Stack Trace page
  6. New predefined situations in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal
  7. Improved Summary Workspaces functionality in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal to guide

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Overview of ITCAM for Application Diagnostics