IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Managing Server Visualization Engine (MSVE)


The user interface for the Managing Server is the Managing Server Visualization Engine (MSVE). For every implementation of ITCAM for Application Diagnostics, there is one Managing Server. The Managing Server works with data collectors. For each server being monitored there is one data collector installed.

Managing Server functions

Area What you can do
Server and account management
  • Manage servers using groups
  • Configure data collectors
  • MOD management
  • Use roles to restrict access to features

Systems overview
  • Display the availability of application servers
  • Provide comparisons between current response times and baseline response times
  • Provide application server-level statistics for quick assessment of server activity and related platform data
  • Provide system resources

Server activity
  • Locate malfunctioning applications using...

  • View transactions in progress
  • Evaluate the current performance of your applications
  • Spot hanging transactions
  • Troubleshoot and fix hanging transactions
  • Solve lock contention problems
  • Access JVM thread data
  • Use memory diagnostic tools to allocate memory problems inside applications

Recent activity
  • Fix potential memory problems relating to garbage collection and the JVM heap size
  • Tune the JVM parameters
  • Find evidence of memory leaks

Performance Analysis and Reporting
  • Generate reports
  • Analyze historical data

Problem Center

Composite transactions
  • Monitor transactions and analyze the method flow using method trace, stack trace, and request information

Monitoring on Demand
  • Create a schedule that alters the monitoring level based on a date and time when a server needs more detailed monitoring
  • Adjust the monitoring level at specific times based on the current work load of the server
  • Override the monitoring level or change the schedule for a selected server

Managing Server components

The Managing Server is J2EE application configured within WAS. The Managing Server works with a DB2 or Oracle database. It is designed for scalability and load balancing, and there are many ways to implement an installation across one or more servers.

Kernel Controls the Managing Server. Registers components as they join the Managing Server. Periodically renews connections and registrations with components and data collectors. Collects server and component availability information.
Publish Server Receives data from the data collector and aggregates it based on different needs.
Archive Agent Collects data from the publish server and archives it into the database for reporting.
Message Dispatcher Sends out e-mails of performance reports. Trap actions from...

Global Publish Server (GPS) Track composite requests as they move from one server to another.

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