IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Overview of ITCAM for Application Diagnostics

IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) for Application Diagnostics is a monitoring, diagnostics, and management technology for WebSphere, J2EE, and HTTP servers in a distributed environment.

ITCAM for Application Diagnostics also provides enhanced support for monitoring Virtual Enterprise and Compute Grid products from the WebSphere XD (Extended Deployment) suite.

ITCAM for Application Diagnostics helps to improve the availability and performance of on-demand applications. It helps you to quickly locate in real time, the source of bottlenecks in application code, server resources, and external system dependencies.

Monitoring applications incurs an unavoidable cost in terms of processing time. To minimize this cost, there are multiple monitoring levels available. A minimum amount of information is collected during standard operations. As problems are encountered, the level of information that is collected can be gradually increased until the problem is located and solved.


  1. ITCAM for Application Diagnostics functionality
  2. ITCAM for Application Diagnostics user interfaces
  3. Components used by the Tivoli Enterprise Portal user interface
  4. Components used by the MSVE user interface
  5. Tivoli Enterprise Portal interoperation with MSVE
  6. What's new in the 7.1 release?
  7. Get Started with ITCAM for Application Diagnostics

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