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Rich Page Editor

Use Rich Page Editor to...


Each view works with several other views included in the Web perspective...

Editor view Description
Source Work directly with the source code of a file. The Mobile Navigation, Palette, Outline, Page Data, and Properties views have features that supplement the Source view.
Split Combines the Source and Design views in a split screen view. Changes made in one part of the split screen are automatically updated in the other part. You can split the view horizontally or vertically.

Design WYSIWYG environment....

  • Drag items from the Palette and Enterprise Explorer views.

  • Rotate the screen orientation when you use a mobile device profile to view your mobile web page in either portrait or landscape mode.

  • Scale the mobile device to fit the size of the current Design view. Allows you to see the entire visual canvas without the need to scroll.

  • View how your page is displayed on different devices by selecting a device from the device list.

  • View how your mobile web page is displayed in different styles.

    For example, Android, iPhone, or Blackberry. By choosing a particular skin, you can switch in other device-specific styling to view the layout and appearance of your page. The Skin list is available only for Worklight application pages.

Design Mode editing

You can use the Design Mode editing features of Rich Page Editor to add and edit widgets in the Design view. To enable the Design Mode editing features, click the Design Mode icon.

Design view when Design Mode is enabled.

Design view when Design Mode is not enabled.

The Design Mode editing features guide the placement of code when you drop a widget on a container widget. Visual cues highlight the possible drop locations and pop-up cues indicate the editing function that is available for the selected widget. Design Mode also adds dashed borders to empty table cells.

For example, dragging a tag from the Palette to a table provides a visual cue for placement:

Selecting a cell in a table opens a pop-up cue that you can use to add a column or row:

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