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Rich Page Editor - Properties view

Use the Properties view to display and edit properties for the currently selected tag. For example, change...

Use the Properties view to edit JavaScript, HTML, or JSP tags when the Design, Source, or Split view is open in Rich Page Editor.

Updates to tags in the Source view take effect immediately in the Properties view.

Breadcrumb navigation

Upon selecting a node in Rich Page Editor, the Properties view uses a breadcrumb trail to provide context...

Categorized property pages

The Properties view organizes properties into various categories, including:

Styles Set CSS style information, including attribute, class, font, color, and alignment properties.
Layout Configure properties that control the layout of the element within the presentation of the page.
All View all of the attributes for an element, in a tabbed list.
Dojo Configure Dojo-specific properties on certain widgets.
jQuery Configure jQuery-specific properties on certain widgets.

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