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Browser requirements for Rich Page Editor

Platform Supported browsers

Internet Explorer

Available for all installations; uses the native browser code in Windows. In an Eclipse version 3.6 environment, the embedded browser behaves as Internet Explorer version 7 even if a newer version is installed on the workstation. This restriction does not apply to Eclipse version 3.7 and later.


Firefox support for Windows is embedded in the product and is functionally equivalent to a Firefox version 3.6 installation. Firefox is available only on 32-bit installations of the product.


Safari support is available only if the base Eclipse platform is at version 3.7 or later. If the product installation meets this requirement, the Safari toolbar icon and menu option are displayed. To support Safari on Windows, install the Safari browser. If the browser installation cannot be found or opened correctly, an error message is displayed.


The product attempts to locate and use Mozilla browser code:

  • MozillaGTK libraries
  • XulRunner installation

The editor operates with a compatible installation that is in the range of Firefox version 3.0 to version 3.6. You can also use WebKitGTK libraries with some additional setup. The Firefox indicators are still used in the editor even if you create a webkit-based browser.



The native Safari browser is automatically used for products that are available on the Mac platform.

The supported browsers are available from the editor toolbar in both the design and split views.

On the toolbar, click the icon for the browser you want to use. For example in the following screen capture, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are supported.

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