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Work in the Source view

Use the Source view in Rich Page Editor to edit HTML and other markup text, such as embedded JavaScript. Changes made are reflected in the Design and Split views.

You can also show the Source view by opening the Split view, which shows both the Design and Source views, split vertically or horizontally. If you add or update an attribute value in the Source view while the Properties view is visible, the properties are also refreshed.

Feature Description
Syntax highlighting Each tag type uses different highlighting. For example, you cannot edit read-only regions of the page which are highlighted in gray.
Unlimited undo and redo Incrementally undo and redo every change made to a file for the entire editing session. For text, changes are incremented one character or set of selected characters at a time.
Content assist Finish tags or lines of code, and insert macros. The available options in the content assist list are based on the tags defined by the tagging standard specified for the file being edited. If content assist does not automatically open, press Ctrl + Space. The content assist text is displayed in a yellow box as you type.
User-defined macros Access user-defined templates, which are chunks of predefined code, with content assist to help you add the tagging combinations that are used often.
Element selection Located within the vertical border in the left area of the Source view. Based on the location of your cursor, the element selection indicator highlights the line numbers that contain the elements being edited.
Pop-up menu options Right-click at a specific position in the editor to open the editor pop-up menu.
Drag-and-drop Drag objects from the Palette view to the position of the cursor in the Source view.
Copy and paste You can press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste a selected tag in the Source view.
Validation To validate your code as you type from the main menu, check...

    Window | Preferences | General | Editors | Structured Text Editor | Report problems as you type

Customization To customize appearance of the editor...

  • Window | Preferences | General | Editors | Editors (or Structured Text Editors)
  • Window | Preferences | Web | HTML Files | Editor

The HTML 5 specification is supported only in the Source view. For example, you can use content assist to insert the <canvas> tag.

Use any of the following methods to enter, insert, or delete tags and text in the Source view:

To edit an HTML file in the Source view:

  1. Open the HTML file that you want to work with in the editor.

  2. In the Source tab, use the available features to edit the code, as required.

    You can select attribute values, attribute-value pairs, and entire tag sets using the double-click feature available in the editor. Use to update, copy, or remove content.

  3. At intervals, to see the nesting hierarchies more clearly in the file, format individual elements or the entire document to restore element and attribute indentation.

  4. Save the file.

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