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Set Rich Page Editor preferences

To customize the display of Rich Page Editor, in the main menu, click...

Specify the default preference settings for Rich Page Editor...

Editor preference Description
View shortcuts Whether to show or hide the shortcut toolbar buttons in Rich Page Editor for these views: Palette, Properties, Outline, and Mobile Views.
Visible pane Which view to show when you open a file: Design, Source, or Split.
Pane layout Set Split view layout to split the editor view either horizontally or vertically.
Design mode Enable or disable Design Mode.

When Design Mode is available, the editing features help you to add and edit widgets in the Design view of the editor. For example, the editing features guide the placement of code when you drop a widget on a container widget. Visual cues highlight the possible drop locations and pop-up cues indicate the editing function that is available for the selected widget. Design Mode also adds dashed borders to empty table cells.

When Design Mode is unavailable, elements in the Design view are displayed exactly as they are shown in the web browser, without any visual aids for editing.

Web browser Web browser in which to show the page being edited. Available web browsers is dependent on the platform and web browsers that are installed on your computer.

When you are working with Rich Page Editor, you can change these settings from the editor window. To change the view shortcuts, pane layout, design mode, and web browser settings, use the toolbar in the upper-right corner of the editor window. To change the visible pane, use the tabs in the lower-left corner.

To specify that you want to remember these preference settings for each resource, select the check box...

Specify the Smart Highlight settings for Rich Page Editor.

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