IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version


This following scenarios describe some usage scenarios using the Tivoli Enterprise Portal and the Managing Server Visualization Engine in ITCAM for Application Diagnostics to monitor and diagnose problems in the application environment.

These usage scenarios refer to the following fictitious personas that might reflect typical positions in your organization:


Persona Description Primary focus
Annette Level 2 Operator Find which component is down, which components are impacted, and the location of the problem. Correct the problem within a specified time service level agreement (SLA) time. Produce a trouble tickets and escalate the problem.
Jim Middleware Subject Matter Expert (SME) Ensure that the middleware applications he is responsible for is up and running at all times. If an application should go down, then a line of business is affected and has a direct impact on how his team is rated against their SLA. He also works with the systems monitoring and automation group to define the appropriate monitors and thresholds for his domain area of responsibility.
Dave Application Developer Develop in-house applications. When a problem comes up in a production application he is sent trace files so he can analyze the problem, which he then tries to simulate in his environment.
Simon Operating System Specialist Work with the systems management team to define what are the base OS services/daemons, ports, file systems, and logs that must be monitored on every computer. Recognized expert in cluster configurations.


  1. Diagnose a memory leak
  2. Diagnose hanging transactions
  3. Diagnose a WebSphere server shutdown
  4. Determine if the WebSphere cluster needs to be load balanced
  5. Determine the cause of high response times
  6. Determine the cause of connection problems
  7. Determine if the Garbage Collection policy needs to be adjusted
  8. Troubleshoot application response time in an XD cell
  9. Ensure that jobs processed by Compute Grid don't execute for longer than one hour

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