IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Scenario 2: Diagnosing hanging transactions


Annette, the level 2 operator, receives an e-mail indicating that a situation triggered in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. The situation is indicating that response time is slow for an application.

  1. In the Tivoli Enterprise Portal, Annette points to the application icon and sees in the flyover that the WASHighResponseTime situation triggered.

  2. Annette double-clicks the application icon and the Application Trend is displayed.

    In this workspace, the Application Summary report displays information about response time, error rate, and request rate. Annette double-clicks the Request Analysis workspace, which displays information about worst average request response time and worst average request completion rate. Annette observes that the average request response time is high and that the average request completion rate is low (for some of the requests).

  3. For a more detailed analysis of requests, Annette navigates to the Request Analysis workspace. The response times for some requests are displaying as high.

  4. Annette uses an external ticketing tool to route the ticket to Jim, the Middleware/Application Support SME, for further observance and investigation.

  5. Jim notices a problem ticket from Annette indicating slow response times. Jim navigates to the Request Analysis workspace in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal and confirms the slow request response time for the application.

  6. To see individual hanging transactions, Jim needs to open MSVE. He clicks the Diagnostic In-Flight Request Search link, which displays the In-flight Request Search page in the MSVE.

  7. From here, Jim can diagnose hanging requests and see the stack trace for that request by clicking the server activity display.

  8. Jim then forwards details to Dave, the Application Developer. Dave works to resolve the problem. This action is outside the scope of ITCAM for Application Diagnostics.

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