IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Scenario 9: Ensuring that jobs processed by Compute Grid don't execute for longer than one hour

Annette, the level 2 operator, needs to ensure that jobs processed by Compute Grid do not execute for longer than one hour. If a job executes for longer, then Annette needs to capture the job information and forward to the Middleware/Application Support SME.

  1. Middleware/Application Support SME configure jobs as custom requests via data collector configuration files.

  2. Annette edits the predefined XDCGJobExcessiveTotalTime situation to trigger if the total job time is greater than 60 minutes.

  3. At some point in time, Annette observes that the situation has triggered.

  4. Annette clicks the event link and the event workspace is displayed.

  5. Annette opens the Job workspace by using the link from event workspace.

  6. The Job workspace shows all the details about the job. From the job notifications, Annette observes that the job is executing for a long time, she clicks the Diagnostic in-Flight Request Search link, this opens the MSVE in-flight workspace, from here she clicks the link to see the request call stack.

  7. Annette captures the call stack and provides to Jim, the Middleware/Application Support SME.

  8. Jim determines that job is waiting for database lock and resolves it appropriately.

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