IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Scenario 7: Determine if the Garbage Collection policy needs to be adjusted

Annette, the level 2 operator is monitoring the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. Annette notices a critical symbol on the JVM icon in the Application Server Summary workspace. The flyover for JVM icons shows a high metric for JVM CPU% and GC Active Time (ms).

  1. Annette double-clicks the JVM icon. The JVM Stack Trend workspace is displayed. The Percent GC Time Used view displays a high value. The heap usage trend is also high.

  2. Annette uses an external ticketing tool to forward the ticket with details to Jim, the Middleware/Application Support SME.

  3. Jim reviews the information and determines that the heap size parameters in the JVM are not set correctly. This incorrect setting affects application performance. Jim sets the appropriate GC policy.

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