IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Scenario 3: Diagnosing a WebSphere server shutdown

Annette, the level 2 operator, receives a severity 1 ticket indicating that users cannot access an application.

  1. Annette navigates to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal where (in the WebSphere Agent Summary Status workspace) the Applications icon is displaying a critical symbol. The flyover on the Application icon shows that a WasNotConnected situation triggered. The application server summary also shows the server status as “Disconnected”.

  2. Annette navigates to the Log Analysis workspace. This workspace reports application server errors and exception conditions that are recorded in the SystemOut.log WAS log file. The information in this workspace includes the exception severity of errors, and the ID and text of the associated message.

  3. Annette observes that in the Log Analysis report, the Process ID value is displayed as -1. This value indicates that the data collector is disconnected. If a WebSphere server shutdown occurs, the connection between the data collector and Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent is closed. However, the data collector continues to write to log files and Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent processes these records but sets the PID value to -1.

  4. Annette uses an external ticketing team to forward the ticket to Jim the Middleware/Application Support SME. Jim investigates the cause of the WebSphere server shutdown and initiates a restart of the WAS.

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