IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Override a monitoring level

  1. For the server or group to override its current monitoring level....

    The Modify Server settings page opens.

  2. Click to select a monitoring level from the override monitoring level drop down box.

    If you select L2, you will be given the option to check MP for Method Profiling.

    The time interval setting in Enable Method Profiling is for how often the data collector should aggregate method data and push the data to the Managing Server. For example, if the interval setting is 60 minutes, then it means, every 60 minutes, the data collector aggregates the method data and push the data to the Managing Server.

    To disable the Method Profiling feature, clear "Enable Method Profiling". You can view the method profile reports on the Method Profiling Management page. If you override the system default monitoring level, the request sampling setting will also be changed according to the default monitoring level that the server is running on.

  3. Click OK.

CICS notes

Due to overhead when collecting transaction CPU in CICS, ITCAM for Application Diagnostics offers the option to specify the level for collecting CICS CPU. Called the Transaction CPUMON Level, this option is available on the Monitoring on Demand Override page, accessed via...

On the System Properties page, accessed via...

In both cases, the options include:

With these alternatives, you can plan to collect transaction CPU when the load on your system is not overwhelming. Collect at Monitoring Level L3 only is the default.

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