IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Escalate alerts and events to the Problem Center

When you need to diagnose an alert in order to resolve it, you can escalate it as a problem in the Problem Center. This will allow you to keep track of the data related to the alert and provide further information that might help you resolve the issue. If you escalate an alert to a problem, your actions will be recorded in the audit trail.

Open the Alerts and Events page:

  1. From the top navigation, click...

  2. Select a group and a server from the list box. This will limit the alerts to the server and group you specify.

  3. To escalate an alert to a problem for tracking, click Escalate.

  4. Type in a description of the problem in the text box. (A description is not required.)

  5. Select the Category from the list box. The available categories are as follows:

    • Unknown–The category could not be determined by the system.
    • Application Performance–Under capacity, hanging or waiting incomplete transaction, CPU hogging, poor load balancing, slow completed transaction, slow JDBC call, slow, LDAP look-up, slow JMS call, and slow method call.
    • Application Outage–exception, incorrect output, intermittent outage, binaries discrepancies within a group/cluster, and properties discrepancies across a group/cluster.
    • Resource Consumption–JDBC connection leak, JMS connection leak, heap usage, heap/object lead, excessive JVM CPU%, high garbage collection frequency, high garbage collection time, and fragmentation.

  6. Click OK to save as a problem. The problem displays in the Problem Center.

  7. Click the Problem Center tab to view your problem.


Use the advanced filters:

  1. Click the Show Advanced Filters link.

  2. Click the check box to set the advanced filters.

  3. Select the dates and times you want to use to limit your list of problems.

  4. Click OK. The list displays based on the filtering you selected.

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