IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Problem Center

The Problem Center page shows problems that were previously escalated from actions or events or added manually. You can investigate problems, close them, and add new problems.

To view the Problem Center, from the top navigation, click...

Escalated problems are normally high-priority trap alerts and Tivoli Enterprise Portal events, escalated from the Alerts and Events page. The details of each problem, including a snapshot of the problem details and the state of the application server at the time the problem occurred, are available for review.

A problem has a status value:

Initially, all problems are shown in the Problem Center table.

To show only the problems for a particular server, select the group and server names from the Filter controls, and click the OK button.

To show only the problems with a particular status, select the status from the status control, and click the OK button.

To show only problems that occurred in a limited date/time range, click Show Advanced Filters, check the Date Range box, then select the date and time range in the From and To controls and click the OK button.

For every problem, the table shows:

To view the details of a problem, click its date/time.

To close a problem, select Closed in the Problem status control in the table row.

To delete a problem, click the Delete button.

To add a problem manually, click the Add Problem Manually button at the bottom of the table.

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