IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

View the Detail report

The Detail report allows you to drill down into the data for more information about the requests. Each detail report provides detail, summary, worst performers, and locks information for your review.

View the detail report:

  1. Create a report.

  2. View the report.

  3. Access the Trend report and click any part of the graph/chart to go to the Decomposition report.

  4. From the Decomposition report, drill down into the detail report.

  5. The Detail report has four tabs: detail, summary, worst performers, and locks.

    • The Detail tab provides information about each request that made up the data point selected from the decomposition report.

    • The Summary tab provides information about requests across all requests breaking it down by nested requests so you can view the data component by component.

    • The Worst Performers tab provides information about the requests containing the worst-performing nested requests based on the selected metrics.

    • The Lock tab provides detailed lock information with the ability to toggle between the lock acquisition and contention information. Lock Tab is only available for the Lock Analysis report. This data is the average for all the requests on the Detail tab of the Detail report.

      The following reports can be viewed in PDF format: Trend report, Decomposition report, Detail report, and Flow View in Trace report. All these reports can be mailed to users in PDF format and also these reports can be exported to a file in CSV format.

      Detail report is available for all application reports except Top reports.

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