IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Define Top reports

Top reports are a quick and convenient way to run a report for request, method, or SQL data. Top reports provide the top 100 results records for the selected metric.

To define a Top report:

  1. From the top navigation, click...

      Performance Analysis > Create Application Reports > Top Reports

  2. Select yes or no to decide if you want the report to recur and click Next. For the purpose of these instructions we are selecting no. If you want further instructions on scheduling reports, refer to Define a Scheduled report.

  3. Select the group and the server from the list boxes. The Report and Data Range selection page opens.

  4. Select the type of Top report you want to run and set the date range using the list boxes. If applicable, set the Advanced Filtering to extract the data of a specific time period. For detailed instructions, see step two of Understanding the Date Range settings.

  5. Click View Report to open the report. The Top report opens.

  6. Click Save if you want to save the report. For more information see View saved reports.


The Top Slowest Request Report calculates the average response time by (sum of the response time)/(total # of requests) given the selected group/server and time period. This might cause the data in the Slowest Request Report to vary for the group report and server report for the same time span.

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