IBM WebSphere Installation Factory

IBM WebSphere Installation Factory creates installation packages for installing WebSphere Application Server in a reliable and repeatable way, tailored to the specific needs.

Read through this topic and its related topics to prepare for creating and installing customized installation packages (CIPs) and integrated installation packages (IIPs).

Review the hardware and software requirements on the Supported hardware and software Web site to get started. If you encounter a problem such as needing more disk space or more temporary space, or missing prerequisite packages on your system, cancel the installation, make the required changes, and restart the installation.

New feature: IBM WebSphere Installation Factory V 7.0 is backwards compatible with V6.1 and can create both V 6.1 and V7.0 installation packages Use IBM WebSphere Installation Factory V 7.0 to create WAS V6.1 CIPs and IIPs in addition to V7.0 packages. These packages include the application server installer, fix packs, Java SDK and interim fixes, and other customization. The following operations are new features introduced in V7.0 and are unavailable when creating V6.1 installation packages:

Still use IBM WebSphere Installation Factory V 6.0.2 to create WAS V6.0.x installation packages.

The following procedure describes how to create and install an installation package for the WebSphere Application Server product.


  1. Learn about the types of packages we can create with the Installation Factory.

    See for more information about choosing what type of package to create, specifying parameters, and creating the package.

  2. Prepare the targeted machine for installation. See for more information.

  3. Create an installation package:

    We can create a customized installation package (CIP) or an integrated installation package (IIP). See or for more information.

  4. Install the resulting package

    See or for more information about installing the package.



Use the Installation Factory to create an installation package to install various products in the WebSphere Application Server family by following this procedure.



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