Develop and installing integrated installation packages

An integrated installation package (IIP) is an aggregated installation package created with the IBM WebSphere Installation Factory that can include one or more generally available installation packages, one or more customized installation packages (CIPs), and other user-specified files and directories. An IIP is a composite installer which aggregates multiple product installers together under one package. The IIP invokes these contributions one after the other in a predefined sequence and in a coordinated manner to complete an end-to-end installation.

Read through this topic and its related topics to prepare for creating and installing IIPs. Become familiar with IIP installation options before you start to use the installation tools. Review the hardware and software requirements on the Supported hardware and software Web site to get started.

[iSeries] IBM i users must install and run the IBM Installation Factory on a distributed platform. The Installation Factory does not run on an IBM i platform.

If you encounter a problem such as needing more disk space or more temporary space, or missing prerequisite packages on the system, cancel the IIP creation, make the required changes, and restart the IIP creation.

This page is an overview of creating and installing an IIP. Get started by downloading the Installation Factory and setting up the system environment to use WAS ND. See for more information.

The following procedure describes how to get started creating and installing an IIP.


  1. Use the Installation Factory to create an IIP.

    See for more information.

  2. Prepare the operating platform for installation.

    [AIX Solaris HP-UX Linux Windows] Read the "Preparing the operating system for product installation" topic.

    [iSeries] Read the "Preparing the operating system for installation" topic.

  3. Install the IIP. Choose one of the following scenarios to begin the installation:

    Configure a mix of contribution installation modes. For example, we can choose to show the wizard during the WAS installation and then choose to install the Feature Pack for Web Services silently.

    [iSeries] Restriction: If an IIP contains multiple contributions which are capable of installing remotely to the IBM i platform, the user will need to authenticate with the remote system each time a contribution is invoked instead of once for the entire IIP.



Use an IIP to install an IBM WAS product stack by following this procedure. For example, we can create an IIP which aggregates appserver and Web Services or EJB3 feature pack installers into one package.


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