Install a fix pack in interactive mode 

Install a fix pack to update IBM® Connections.

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Run the wizard on the system where the dmgr is installed. The update installer uses IBM Installation Manager to install the fix pack.

(AIX and Linux) You must use the same operating system user account to install this fix pack that was used to install Lotus Connections 3.0. If that account is no longer available, recreate it with the same user name and password and use it to install the fix pack.

(Windows) You must use an operating system user account that is in the same Administrators group as the account that was used to install Lotus Connections 3.0.

To install a fix pack...



Your IBM Connections deployment has been updated. To check the logs, go to the lotus_connections_root/logs directory and open the <application>Update.log file, where <application> is the name of an IBM Connections application. If you added new applications, check the @nowiki@18application>Install.log file as well.

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