IBM Connections Connector for Lotus Quickr 

As administrator, you can enable IBM Lotus Quickr integration with the Communities application, allowing community members to organize and share files, and collaborate on documents from a central location.

Integration with Lotus Quickr gives the communities in your organization a place to store and manage files. Communities associated with a team place in Lotus Quickr can aggregate updates in the community overview page, making it easier to stay current with projects and work collaboratively.

The Activities application can also be integrated with Lotus Quickr, allowing users to publish documents from an activity to a Lotus Quickr space. For more information, see Integrate Activities with IBM Lotus Quickr.

The following prerequisites currently apply to Lotus Quickr integration with Communities:

Integration between Communities and Lotus Quickr is currently supported for Lotus Quickr services for WebSphere Portal and Lotus Quickr services for Lotus Domino . To find out what versions of Lotus Quickr are supported for this release of IBM Connections, see Detailed system requirements for IBM Connections.

CAUTION: After you have installed the IBM Connections Connector for Lotus Quickr, it is important that the owner of a Lotus Quickr place does not delete the place or change the membership of the place using the Lotus Quickr APIs. In addition, the Lotus Quickr administrator must not use administrative commands to delete a place or change the membership of a place. These actions might disrupt the synchronization that is carried out by the connector.

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