Edit the Lotus Quickr configuration file 

Edit settings in the IBM Lotus Quickr configuration XML file to change the values entered at install time or to add a custom place type.

Before you begin

The Quickr Connector cannot use the string customization mechanism that the core product uses.

About this task

When you install the IBM Connections connector for Lotus Quickr, you can specify whether to enable support for Lotus Quickr wiki and team place templates. You can also specify the host, ports, user ID, and passwords to use. The installer then updates the configuration file with this information.

Each enabled place type shows up as a separate associated application in the Communities user interface. A maximum of five associated applications can be shown. If you need to change the information you supplied at install time, for example, if you want to disable a template enabled during installation, or add custom place types, you can do so by editing communities-quickr-config.xml. You can also edit the configuration file to change the roles associated with a Lotus Quickr place type. For more information, see Configure roles for Lotus Quickr places.

When editing communities-quickr-config.xml, note that for each <comm:QuickrPlaceType> element, the name attribute must be unique. The <comm:managedApplicationTypeID> must also be unique and it cannot be changed. It must be 24 bytes or less.

You use the <comm:placeTemplate> template to create a place. The <comm:server> element must match the name of a <comm:QuickrServer> element. The <comm:resourceBundleName> entry is the name of a property file on the Communities application classpath for strings presented in the user interface. The property file must have the following keys:

For <comm:ownersRole>, <comm:membersRole>, and <comm:publicRole> the role names can be either the role title in English or the ID field returned for the roles feed. If anonymous access is not allowed, the <comm:publicRole> element should be omitted or left empty.

The <comm:contentFeedLink> element is the name of the link field in a place entry to be used for the place's feed. This is an optional field. For IBM Lotus Domino server, always use content as the value. For WebSphere Portal wikis, wikis and blogs are valid values. For WebSphere Portal team places, valid values are "wikis", "blogs", and "documentLibraries".


To edit the configuration information for Lotus Quickr integration...

  1. Use a text editor to open communities-quickr-config.xml from the following location on the file system of the dmgr:

      C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\config\cells\<cell_name>\LotusConnections-config

  2. Make the required changes in the file.

      For example:

      <comm:QuickrPlaceType name="DominoWiki" enabled="true">
      <comm:QuickrPlaceType name="PortalTeamPlace" enabled="true">
          <comm:placeTemplate>Team Place</comm:placeTemplate>
          Multiple QuickServer entries are allowed.
          For each comm:QuickrServer, the name attribute must be unique.
          comm:host is the server hostname.
          comm:port is the http port number.
          comm:sslPort is the https port number.
          comm:authentry is the name of the authentication alias resource created within the WAS 
          Admin console
          comm:serverType must match the name of a QuickrServerType
          <comm:QuickrServer name="Domino">
          <comm:QuickrServer name="Portal">

  3. Save your changes and then apply them...

    1. Log in to the WAS admin console for the dmgr.

    2. Select System administration -> Nodes, select all the nodes, and then click Full Resynchronize.

    3. From the main Integrated Solutions Console page, select Servers -> Clusters.

    4. Select the check box beside the cluster containing the nodes that have been updated, and then click Stop.

    5. Select the cluster and click Start.

4. Optional: Place the properties file in the Communities classpath.

5. Once the properties files are in place for all nodes, restart Communities.

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