Enable SSL access to the Lotus Quickr server 

To enable the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), you need to manually edit the communities-quickr-config.xml configuration file.


To secure access between the Communities server and the IBM Lotus Quickr server, perform the following steps.

  1. On the file system of the dmgr, use a text editor to open communities-quickr-config.xml from the following subdirectory:


  2. Set the <comm:useSSL> element to true as follows:


  3. Save your changes and then apply them by completing the following steps.

    1. Log in to the WAS Integrated Solutions Console for the dmgr.

    2. Select System administration -> Nodes, select all the nodes, and then click Full Resynchronize.

    3. From the main Integrated Solutions Console page, select Servers -> Clusters.

    4. Select the check box beside the cluster containing the nodes that have been updated, and then click Stop.

    5. Select the cluster and click Start.

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