Add a media gallery to your community 

Add the Media Gallery widget to your community to enable members to share multimedia content with the rest of the community.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to add a media gallery to a community. A community can only contain one media gallery.

About this task

Adding a media gallery to a community provides a dedicated multimedia space where members can upload and view photos and videos that are relevant to the community.

When you add a media gallery to your community, the Media Gallery widget is added to the right column of the community's Overview page. As community members start to add content to the media gallery, the widget displays a selection of thumbnail images of that content. A Media Gallery link is also added to the navigation sidebar, allowing members to access the full set of multimedia content in the community.


To add a media gallery to your community...

  1. From the community's Overview page, select Community Actions -> Customize.

      Note: You must be logged in to access the Community Actions menu.

  2. Click Media Gallery and then close the content palette by clicking the Close palette icon.

What to do next

Your administrator can make custom photo and video templates available for use in the Media Gallery widget, allowing you to associate different types of custom data with your photos or videos. For more information, see Importing custom object types for media galleries in the Administering section of the documentation. If you want to use templates other than the ones provided by default, you can configure widget preferences to specify which templates you want to use in your media gallery. You can also specify what type of content you want to show in the media gallery: photos only, videos only, or both. Select Edit from the widget action menu to select the type of content you want to display and the templates that you want to use. For more information, see Manage the Media Gallery widget.

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