Add a wiki to a community 

Add a wiki to your community so that you can share information and resources with fellow community members, and work collaboratively on projects.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to add a wiki to a community, and also be logged in to Communities. You cannot add an existing wiki to a community.

About this task

Adding a wiki to a community provides a shared environment where members can work together to create and update information in an ongoing, collaborative process. Wiki membership is managed by the community and there is a direct mapping between membership roles. Community members with the Editor role can create and edit pages in the wiki. Members are given the Editor role by default. Users with the Reader role or who are not members of the community can read the wiki content but cannot make any contributions or changes. To change the membership role setting for Wikis, see Manage a community wiki.

When you add a wiki to a community, the wiki is automatically given the same name as the community. A Wiki area is added to the community's Overview page and, when community members start to populate the wiki, this area displays links to the five latest wiki updates. A Wiki link also appears in the navigation sidebar. Click this link to open the wiki in the Wikis user interface. The community's business card displays at the topic of the wiki, allowing community members to navigate to the community directly from the wiki user interface.


To add a wiki to your community...

  1. From the community's Overview page, select Community Actions -> Customize.

      Note: You must be logged in to a community to access the Community Actions menu.

  2. Click Wiki to add a wiki to the community.

  3. Optional: Click Close to close the content palette.

What to do next

From the community, you can do the following:

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