IBM Rational Functional Tester
Version 8.1.1000
IBM Rational Functional Tester API Reference

Project Version 2.3

Package com.rational.test.ft.object.interfaces.flex

Class Summary
FlexAccordionTestObject An Accordion navigator container has a collection of child containers, but only one of them at a time is visible.
FlexAdvancedDataGridTestObject The DataGrid control is like a List except that it can show more than one column of data making it suited for showing objects with multiple properties
FlexApplicationTestObject Flex defines a default, or Application, container that lets you start adding content to your application without explicitly defining another container.
FlexButtonBarTestObject The ButtonBar control defines a horizontal or vertical group of logically related push buttons with a common look and navigation.
FlexButtonTestObject The Button control is a commonly used rectangular button.
FlexChartSeriesTestObject The Series class is the base class for the classes that let you specify a data series for a chart control.
FlexChartTestObject The base class for the chart controls.
FlexColorPickerTestObject The ColorPicker control provides a way for a user to choose a color from a swatch list.
FlexComboBaseTestObject The ComboBase class is the base class for controls that display text in a text field and have a button that causes a drop-down list to appear where the user can choose which text to display.
FlexComboBoxTestObject The ComboBox control contains a drop-down list from which the user can select a single value.
FlexContainerTestObject The Container class is an abstract base class for components that controls the layout characteristics of child components.
FlexDataGridTestObject The DataGrid control is like a List except that it can show more than one column of data making it suited for showing objects with multiple properties
FlexDateChooserTestObject The DateChooser control displays the name of a month, the year, and a grid of the days of the month, with columns labeled for the day of the week.
FlexDateFieldTestObject The DateField control is a text field that shows the date with a calendar icon on its right side.
FlexDividedBoxTestObject A DividedBox container measures and lays out its children horizontally or vertically in exactly the same way as a Box container, but it inserts draggable dividers in the gaps between the children.
FlexLinkBarTestObject A LinkBar control defines a horizontal or vertical row of LinkButton controls that designate a series of link destinations.
FlexListBaseTestObject The ListBase class is the base class for controls that represent lists of items that can have one or more selected and can scroll through the items.
FlexListTestObject The List control displays a vertical list of items.
FlexMenuBarTestObject A MenuBar control defines a horizontal, top-level menu bar that contains one or menu items.
FlexMenuTestObject The Menu control creates a pop-up menu of individually selectable choices, similar to the File or Edit menu found in most software applications.
FlexNavigationBarTestObject The NavBar control is the superclass for navigator controls, such as the LinkBar and TabBar controls.
FlexNumericStepperTestObject The NumericStepper control lets the user select a number from an ordered set.
FlexPopUpButtonTestObject The PopUpButton control adds a flexible pop-up control interface to a Button control.
FlexRichTextEditorTestObject The RichTextEditor control lets users enter and format text.
FlexScrollBarTestObject The ScrollBar class is the base class for the HScrollBar and VScrollBar controls.
FlexSliderTestObject The Slider class is the base class for the Flex slider controls.
FlexTabNavigatorTestObject The TabNavigator container extends the ViewStack container by including a TabBar container for navigating between its child containers.
FlexTextAreaTestObject The TextArea control is a multiline text field with a border and optional scroll bars.
FlexTitleWindowTestObject A TitleWindow navigator container contains a title bar, a caption, a border, and a content area for its child.
FlexTreeTestObject The Tree control lets a user view hierarchical data arranged as an expandable tree.
FlexViewStackTestObject A ViewStack navigator container consists of a collection of child containers stacked on top of each other, where only one child at a time is visible.