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  1. Plan
  2. Get the software
  3. Install on AIX
  4. Install on IBM i
  5. Install on Linux
  6. Install on Solaris
  7. Install on Windows
  8. Support multiple profiles
  9. Set up a portal farm
  10. Set up a Personalization server on WAS
  11. Uninstall WebSphere Portal
  12. Manage the WebSphere Portal environment

The IBM installation manager doesn't allow Portal 8.0 to install with WAS 8.5, it gives a error that portal 8.0 expects WAS or later version. To get around this...

  1. Install Was 8.5 separately using Installation Manager
  2. Install Portal 8.0 using option existing Application server, pointing to WAS directory installed in step 1.

We can run ConfigEngine tasks from...

For example, to use the ConfigEngine read-only directory, run ConfigEngine in the ConfigEngine folder that is on the same level in the directory structure as the default wp_profile directory. We can substitute the path to the ConfigEngine read-only directory in any ConfigEngine task in the product documentation.