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Manage the WebSphere Portal environment

After installing IBM WebSphere Portal, we can use the IBM Installation Manager function to manage the environment. The Installation Manager function consists of updating and modifying the environment. We can also uninstall or rollback the modifications you made to the environment.

IBM i requires a response file when managing the environment. The interim fixes, cumulative fixes, and fix packs should include steps on how to create the response file or should include a sample response file with their instructions. When modifying the environment, record the response file on a different operating system. Then modify the response file for your IBM i environment. Run the response file on the IBM i environment.

Manage WebSphere Portal

  1. Use the Installation Manager to install fixes
  2. Use the Installation Manager to modify the environment
  3. Use the Installation Manager to uninstall interim or cumulative fixes
  4. Use the Installation Manager to rollback fix packs

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