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Set up a Personalization server on WAS

The WebSphere Portal product installs and configures Personalization software by default. However, we can choose to install Personalization to an instance of WAS. When Personalization is installed in this way, it is referred to as the Personalization Server. The Personalization Server enables you to deploy applications that have been developed with IBM WAS, serve personalized content to users, and record site metrics, without requiring that WebSphere Portal also be present on the server machine. While business rules may be run from any WAS installation, a full WebSphere Portal installation is still required as a workspace for authoring rules and campaigns.

The stand-alone Personalization Server is not supported on WebSphere Portal. However, we can install the Personalization Server on another machine running a different operating system and deploy applications developed with WebSphere Portal on that machine.

Set up a Personalization server on WAS

  1. Plan for the Personalization Server
  2. Install a stand-alone Personalization Server

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