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Use the Installation Manager to install fixes

The Recommended fixes page provides links to fix pack and interim fix downloads, information about what is recommended and what is required, and links to recommended related product fixes.

Install fixes

A fix is considered an interim fix, a cumulative fix, or a fix pack.

During the installation, several temporary IBM WebSphere Application Server fixes are installed. When you install the first fix, a warning displays to uninstall the temporary fixes. Uninstall the temporary fixes and then install your fixes.

  1. Launch the IBM Installation Manager.

  2. Add the repository containing the fix prototype.

    The fix repository should go after the product repository that it supports.

    For example, if there is an IBM WebSphere Portal interim fix, the repositories must be in the following order:

    • WAS product repository

    • WebSphere Portal product repository

    • WebSphere Portal fix repository

  3. Test the repository connection and provide authentication credentials, if necessary, to access the directory where the repositories are stored.

  4. Click Update to install the fix.

  5. Select or enter the fix prototype level.

  6. After accepting the license agreement and reviewing the summary information, run the process to install the interim fix.

Issue: Font size

After applying CF19, font size of portal reduced to small. To fix, modify this file:

In the top of this file, modify the "75%" to a more suitable number for you, test with "100%".

Then bounce the server for the changes to appear, or we can clear the cache by clearing this directory:

Parent: Manage the WebSphere Portal environment
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